Monday, November 12, 2018

Biglee wellness workshop - 10 Nov 2018

A workshop on wellness, fitness and nutrition

We discussed topics on



weight training

alternative forms of training


essential fats


stress management


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Friday, November 9, 2018

The Biglee pyramid - triceps blaster

So what did I do here.
Finished the beef movements for my triceps. It was time to blast them with the Biglee pyramid ...
Took 50lbs barbell and did barbell standing extension for 20 reps
Then 45lbs for 20 reps
Then 40 lbs for 20 reps
Then 35 lbs for 20 reps...
Here comes the twist... Went up the pyramid of weights increase
40 lbs again for 20 reps... It felt heavy as hell
45 lbs again for 20 reps... My triceps restricted it's move cos it was so pumped
50 lbs again for 20 reps... Now triceps was like rock.. dint move... Somehow completed the reps....
The triceps pumped so much that the arms dint move...
When you want extreme pump, try the Biglee pyramid and post your reviews about pump and growth.....

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Miss South India bikini champion Aarathy annihilates her back muscles to...

Up and down the rack is a technique used to completely shock the muscle. 
In this you pick up a series of weights , do particular number of reps on the small weight , move on to bigger weight and do same number of reps and go on and on for 5-7 increments. 
Once you hit the top weight, you track back to the lowest of weights by doing the same number of reps.
With this you place tremendous amounts of load onto the target muscle and your set lasts for 3-5 mins nonstop and literally leaves the muscle lifeless.
Aarathy Padmaj is getting ready for the universe bikini contest and decided to go all out. So i was guiding her through the excruciating and exhausting back workout on which we decided to do up and down the rack on barbell rowing to bring in more details on her back.
Approximately 150 reps in this set.
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